Abu Dhabi Motorcycle Road Test

Are yo planning to ride a bike in Abu Dhabi. If you have never ridden a motorcycle before, you will need to go through a learning process and pass the motorcycle road test. Even if you have a motorcycle license and are an expat. you may be required to demonstrate to the RTA that you are a competent motorcycle rider. What will it take for those who must follow the RTA standard procedure to finally pass the road test and obtain a motorcycle license?

You will be assigned an instructor for the practical sessions once you have passed the theory test. Then you will need to complete 30 or 40 classes at most. You will be taught how to ride a bike in the yard in addition to learning how to perform technical safety checks. Of course, you’ll learn emergency braking, slow ride maneuvers, clutch control, sharp turns, U-turns, overtaking, road observation, parking techniques, and how to react to traffic lights and road signs.

RTA motorcycle road test will be your final obstacle before obtaining your Abu Dhabi motorcycle license. The RTA examiner will follow you in a car and instruct you on what to do. “LLST/MLST tests”, the motorcycle road test will be conducted on an open road, with the examiner evaluating your level of confidence and how you interact with traffic in the real world. It is critical that you avoid common errors such as failing to give hand signals, poor observations, loss of control, improper gear wear, and failing to stop for 3 seconds at a stop sign. Even a smidgeon of nervousness could be enough for the examiner to fail you.