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After completing this guide you will have a knowledge to Pass RTA Final Road Assessment Test in Dubai.

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UAE Theory Test 2022 – Dubai, UAE

The first and most important step toward obtaining the UAE driving license is passing the RTA theory test. This test is also referred to as the RTA Signal Test. You can easily pass the RTA driving theory test by taking the mock tests, practice tests, and deep-dive tests

Dubai Theory Tests

The following test covers all of the topics covered in the RTA theory test for Light Motor Vehicles in depth (THEORY-LMV). There are 20 questions on this exam. Three questions from each topic, as well as two questions from the Hazard Perception video, are included below.

The final report will include an in-depth analysis of the areas in which you should concentrate your studies.

Practice Tests

Before moving on to the next topic, you can see the answers to practice questions. The Mock RTA Test was constructed in the same manner as the Original RTA Test. However, we have summary the number of questions in order for you to finish the test quickly.

You can practice on various topics before taking the theory tests by taking the tests listed below. The questions in this category are drawn from the RTA UAE’s theory tests.

You can watch our videos which cover lote of question answers to cover the RTA Theory Test

Dubai RTA Theory Test FAQs

  •  How many questions will be in the test?
    • Answer: 35 questions
  • Where can I see the complete list of traffic fines?
    • Answer: This can see in the hand guide provided by RTA also in this guide curated by our team traffic signs list in Dubai

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